Assessment and Reporting

At Modbury Special School we recognise that each child has individual needs, abilities and strengths. In every classroom the learning environment and curriculum are personalised to suit the individual child. Individualised planning incorporates sensory regulation, communication strategies and differentiation of curriculum.

Based on the Disability Discrimination Act (1995) and the Disability Standards of Education (2005) every student has access to the Australian Curriculum. Appropriate educational (curriculum, assessment and reporting), instructional (individualised teaching programs and strategies) and environmental adjustments are made to support each child. We report against personalised learning goals developed during each child’s One Plan meeting.

Positive Behaviour support, communication, sensory regulation, differentiation of curriculum are all delivered to students under the framework of Structured Teaching.

One Plan meetings are held each year with parents/ carers with family input considered and important element in the development of specific and individualised learning programs.

Written assessments are sent home twice each year with evidence around the progress being made towards the stuent’s One Plan Goals.

Structured Teaching

Goals of Structured Teaching

  • Meaningful learning situations
  • Predictability
  • Spontaneous communication
  • Independence
  • Skills for adulthood

Structured Teaching relies strongly on Visual Supports to promote engagement in productive activities and to reduce the confusion and distress of too much language processing.

Structured Teaching consists of 4 main elements

  1. Physical structure
  2. Visual schedules
  3. Individual tasks
  4. Work systems