What is an Annex class?

An Annex class is a class group of Modbury Special School students situated at a local partnership primary school. Currently we have partnerships with Modbury High School, Modbury South Primary School, Paradise Primary, Modbury West Primary School and Tea Tree Gully Primary.

These classes are set up to enable a specific cohort of students to participate in a mainstream environment while still receiving the Special School curriculum and support they require.

The Annex classes are sourced and staffed through the Special School.

The students in the Annex classes have opportunities to join with their mainstream peers for whole school activities for example assemblies, sports days, excursions, incursions, celebration days etc. which provide our students socially inclusive opportunities.

How do students get selected?

As a school we look at a set of criteria to select students for the Annex classes.

Students need to be self-regulated, their behaviours and regulation levels need to be acceptable in a mainstream environment.

They need to preferably (but not essentially) be toilet trained.

They need to be able to stay within school boundaries without the assistance of fences.

The school will offer these opportunities if your child is deemed suitable.