For Parents - Dress Code

Students at Modbury Special School have a dress code.

Boys and Girls can wear:

Navy track suit pants
Blue jeans
Navy shorts
Pale blue t-shirts with a collar (polo shirts)

Girls can also wear:

Navy and white check dress

All students wear a plain navy windcheater with a round neck.

Students are encouraged to bring a hat each day. A wide brimmed hat or a legionnaires hat is recommended.

These items are available at Target and Big W.

Students in the Pathways Project wear the uniform and adhere to the dress code of Modbury High School. All items of clothing are purchased through the Modbury High School Uniform Shop.

Modbury Special School have uniforms available to purchase through T&C Distibutors Australia. 

These items are supplied with the Modbury Special School logo.

  • Fleecy jumper
  • Polo shirts
  • Rugby top
  • Slouch hat

These items are on display in the Front Office.

An order form is available to download updated January  2019

click to download an Order Form here