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 The Governing Council has “joint responsibility with the Principal for the governance of the school” (Modbury Special School Governing Council Constitution, 2001 p.7).  Governance of the school can be summarised as involving:
  • Setting the broad direction and vision of the school in consultation with the school community.
  • Strategic planning for the school including developing, monitoring and reviewing the objectives and targets of the strategic plan.
  • Determining policies for the school including policies for the safety and welfare of students.
  • Determining the application of the financial resources of the school including the regular review of the budget.
  • Ensuring the cultural and social diversity of the community is honoured and particular needs identified.

Specifically, Modbury Special School is an increasingly diverse school community which is involved with the education and care of young people living with a spectrum of disabilities.  There are seven sites across the campus:  Modbury Special School; Casuarina, Grevillia, Room 5 (Modbury Special School Special Class at Modbury South Primary School); Dingoes (Modbury Special School Special Class at Modbury West Primary School); Quokkas (Modbury Special School Special Class at Paradise Primary School); Lorikeets (Modbury Special School Special Class at Tea Tree Gully Primary School); and Rooms 6 and 7 (Modbury Special School Special Classes at Modbury High School).  Site specific policies are currently being considered by Staff and Governing Council in relation to each of these sites. 

Modbury Special School Governing Councillors welcome involvement from the wider school community in the school.  Parents and caregivers have expressed appreciation of being offered this opportunity to participate, in partnership with staff, in the education and care of children with special needs and look forward to further partnership opportunities.



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School Improvement Plan 2022-2024

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School Context Statement 2019

Stategic Plan 2017-20

External School Review 2016

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