About Us - Staff




Teaching Staff

The school has four leadership staff:


Cam Wright (Principal) 

Sasi Sivakumar (Deputy Principal)

Ginny Pyatt (Coordinator Teaching and Learning Primary)

Terrina  Ryan (Coordinator Teaching and Learning Secondary)


There are 20 full time class teachers from Foundation to Year 12. As well there are 3 part time teachers to accommodate Non Instruction Time for class teachers.




School Services Officers (SSO)


Modbury Special School employs more than 30 SSO's, the majority of these work directly with children in class with one as a full time Administrative officer.

Two SSO's also spend part of their week assisting in administrative tasks and another two work in full time support roles, creating resources, conducting support programs. These include The Money Program and Living Skills Program.

The school employs an IT Technician for two days per week.